Afternoon Delight

I am amazed sometimes at the power of the Universe! We spent the weekend clearing out heavy objects in the van, and the first place we noticed unecessary weight was our pantry and kitchen cabinet. Our glass jars and heavy pots ultimately didn't make the cut... thus sending us to REI for some lightweight minimalist options. While we were perusing the never-ending array of cool gadgets, a springtime blossom bloomed in my mind that we should grab a new slackline set-up while we were there. Well, to our disapointment REI was out of every option of the webbing we needed. Oh well... we told ourselves to be patient, but the itching feeling kept pestering me throughout the beginning of the week! I woke up Wednesday morning and my mission was clear: find the webbing no matter what it takes! With dreams of a sunset play session, I drove to the town over and found what we needed. Excitement filled our brains and we quickly picked a park that Hawk spent many childhood days at. To our surprise we instantly saw another van-dweller and a highline set up across the entire park! I instanly had a hunch who it might be, because its not everyday you see someone highlining across the local park in Folsom, Ca. Hawk was bursting with happiness when he saw Ryan Robinson come around the corner and quickly jumped out of the van for a big embrace. Ryan inspired Hawk with slacklining a couple years back while spending summer days setting up lines, gaining tips, and ultimatly learning that this Hawk CAN FLY! Ryan and I were meeting face to face for the first time, but boy oh boy did it feel like a reunion of old friends. We set up our line and hammock in the trees for an afternoon ten times our expectations! We even got to inspire our friend Damon about the freeing feeling of vanlife, and remembering to embrace that childike feeling that brings your heart the ultimate joy. This one goes out to Ryan! Thanks for doing what your heart loves, and inspiring people along the way to do the same.

Many Blessings,
Kenz and Hawk

Follow Ryan during his adventure on instagram: @handsomerobinson

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