Lightning in a Bottle - 2014

We are excited to share this past year with you friends – and I was going to make a list of the fun stuff with a photo album – but we have too many great stories to share! Here’s a snippet of the festival that started 2014 off just right for the VanOfMyDreams! This past Memorial Day weekend, we were abundantly gifted the opportunity to attend my(Hawk’s) first major music festival. Kenz had already been to a few, most recently at that time, a cross-country road trip to Montreal Quebec with her friends to Osheaga Music Festival. I was a nervously excited to see what a full-on Electronic Music Festival was all about – especially knowing we’d miss the Reggaefest in Monterey, happening simultaneously. I went to school at CSU Monterey Bay, so that added to my “what am I doing going to a dried up lake in the middle of nowhere to hear Boots and Cats beats all weekend?!” I should be by the sea! Wrong. LiB was life-changing. The trusting of BetsyVanessa to actually get three people and tons of camping gear there. The trusting communities of gypsies, the port-o-shitters, the indescribable amount of fuzzy outfits and smiling faces – all of it. Without giving too much mystery away – I can confidently tell you: GO! Pick a fun thing to do that makes you slightly nervous, but excited and GO! Save some cash, make some loose plans, and trust Spirit and your intuition – you’ll have a head full of memories and a van full of dust to come home with! You may even end up with blinky lights stuffed into yoga pants…

Many Blessings,

Hawk, Kenz, and Betsy.

(Originally published Nov. 2014)

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