Portola Redwoods State Park, California

After experiencing some technical difficulties with our website - WE'RE BACK! And what better way to kick things off than a little blog post about our latest camping trip with our buddy we met through Instagram, @mr.noah.dahl!

Noah spontaneously decided to plan an overnight hangout at Portola Redwoods State Park, just north of Big Basin State Park. If you're not familiar with this area of California, we highly suggest going! The redwoods are absouletly beautiful and the campground was not overcrowed by tourists or travelers - perhaps due to back to school week in full effect. We spent all morning working on our website hoping to get everything dialed in before we cruised up Highway 1 to our destination. We finished our work and hit the road around noon. Leaving from Santa Cruz, we opted for the coastal drive to supply Betsy with cool air and travel at our pace (slow and low)! Once we hit Pescadero, we started heading inland, and before we knew it, we descended into a humbling valley grove of towering old-growth redwoods! We chose campsite 19 for its perfectly flat parking spaces (and the BIGGEST trees), popped the top, and waited for our friends to arrive. Our evening was filled walking among these ancient giants, connecting with friends, and sharing a delicious meal - prepped with simple wood-fired love and maybe a couple of beers... yes beer! The racoons quickly picked up on our scent and graced us with their collective prescense, just in time to be scared off before we sat down for dinner. We shared stories around the fire, and giggled our hearts happy until we couldnt keep our eyes open any longer. Fire out... time for some shut eye.

I secretly love the morning after a night of camping more than anything. Bodies decompressed and grounded in the forest, we woke with smiles and no plans for the day. We lazily made bacon for breakfast on an old cast iron skillet over the morning coals, cleaned up camp, and lowered our pop-tops for the road ahead. Caravanning with Noah out of the park only to split ways at the top of the ridge. Noah headed to the airport in San Jose, and us south - not knowing what's next. We so greatly appreciate this #vanlife community... we are more than friends, we are family striving for simple connection between one another.

Until next time... keep the journey alive and wake up each morning to scream YES to your life.

Many heart smiles and love,
Kenz and Hawk

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