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Hi friends!

It’s Hawk, Kenz, and BetsyVanessa – we decided that with all of our projects going on, we should share our journeys with YOU – the ones who co-create this existence with US! We are two hippie love birds that met at a yoga studio where Kenzie was working as a karma yogi and Hawk was taking his second 200 hour yoga teacher training. Something sparked in both of our hearts in an indescribable way – and we fell in heart-eyes love. This was only LAST YEAR. That’s weird to think about – I feel like our old souls have known one another since the Universe exploded into knowing itself. It’s like being home no matter where we hang up our boots at night. This chick also had just gotten herself an old ’80 Vanagon Riviera from Oregon to work on – SERIOUS heart eyes. We both said screw it, let’s just trust Spirit, and I sold my Nissan pickup on Craigslist and bought my own 1980 Westfalia – BetsyVanessa! She only had 75,420 original miles and she was lovingly sold to me by a an awesome old VW dude in Auburn, CA who had another beautifully restored split window bus. I was actually living in a tent on the side of my sisters house in Folsom, CA as an experiment in freedom, listening to the night, being broke, discovering next level allergies, and trusting Spirit some more. Somehow that was enough to convince Kenz to do the same. She followed her heart straight to my tent where we’d talk all night, burn sage, make dream catchers from feathers we found, and arrange crystals by candlelight. And then she sort of stuck around and carved a huge nest in my heart, we moved into BetsyVanessa, and now we live free. Is it easy? Not really ever, except for a couple lucky breaks. Is it worth it? You bet your sweet ass it is.

Thanks for being a part of our lives and travels. This is a space where we intend to share with you, and where we hope you’ll feel safe sharing YOUR stories too – even the ugly ones. It’s all real on the road, in friends driveways, and in families garages – let’s show and tell!


Spirit Love,


Hawk, Kenz, and Betsy! 

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